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Please, download the installation files for Key Switcher 2.7. Application can run on the following Windows platforms:

XP, 2000, Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8

64-bit OS support is limited to applications running in 32-bit mode.

You can connect with Key Switcher community by entering your e-mail address. You will have access to user forums and a list of secret features that can be enabled to make Key Switcher even more powerful.

ATTENTION: In some rare cases with Windows Vista , 7 and 8 , the program may not work correctly if it was launched using the "Run KeySwitcher" option during the installation. The problem goes away when the program is launched manually. Also make sure that the program is installed into a subfolder under the "Program Files" folder. It will not work in other locations.
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Posted by Key Switcher on 30 January 2009
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Keyswitcher 2.1 в Windows 8 после некоторых плясок с бубном запускался при включении ПК и работал на 32-битных приложениях. В Windows 10 пока этого достичь не удалось - выдаёт ошибку при попытке изменить сочетания клавиш для переключения языков, например. Пожалуйста, помогите - он мне здорово помогает писать большие куски текста при нажатии всего нескольких клавиш!

17 Nov 2018 01:51 pm
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27 Jan 2021 04:29 pm
I was looking for tips to fix windows key not working error. I was wondering if I could use the key switcher to change the key to any other so that I could use the key for emergencies instead of replacing the keyboard.
30 Jan 2021 06:14 pm