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Automatic keyboard switchers have a long history. It all started with "Heroglyph" editor, that had the automatic switching capacity.

Then Punto Switcher was born, which brought automatic switching to all applications. It is still widely popular, despite its limitations.

Many of those limitations were overcome in Keyboard Ninja, which had an advanced engine supporting multiple languages and performing faster switching. But Keyboard Ninja was developed too fast and quickly went out of control. It had so many features unrelated to switching, it has become difficult to maintain and expand.

This is when we decided to go back to the drawing board and create a 3rd generation switcher. It was in the works for several years, slowly taking shape and building upon Keyboard Ninja engine to the new levels of sophistication.

Right now version 2.0 of the new Key Switcher is released.

As you can imagine, these efforts take a lot of time and there is very little compensation coming from a freeware product. If you like the switcher that you are using and want to see new capabilities developed, please consider donating something. No amount is too small. Thank you!
Posted by Key Switcher on 28 July 2011
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It was so great to know about Automatic keyboard switchers. It was a new piece of information for me. I would really love read this post here to check on such information on this forum. Thank you for sharing it.
06 Mar 2021 04:36 pm
What do you mean by these key switchers? This is nothing but a keyboard switcher and typing assistant. I have gone through the apartments in kochi history of switchers share dhere and it is quite interesting to read. Looking here for more updates. Keep up the good work.
24 Apr 2021 07:33 pm