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Key Switcher will be free for personal use. Donations will be gladly accepted via PayPal, WebMoney or SMS.
Key Switcher is written by Michael Morozov, who participated in Punto Switcher development and created Keyboard Ninja.
In some ways, Key Switcher is a continuation of Keyboard Ninja project. It's language detection engine is a direct evolution of Keyboard Ninja's engine. However, the first version of Key Switcher does not have additional features of Keyboard Ninja, which aren't really related to language switching.
Key Switcher runs on all versions of Windows since Windows 95, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003-2008 and even yet unreleased Windows 7.

64-bit support is limited to applications running in 32-bit mode.
Frequently Asked Questions
Posted by Key Switcher on 30 January 2009
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вообще-то недурно: программа бесплатна, только пользоваться ей можно будет после оплаты...
20 Jun 2010 04:59 pm